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IT outstaffing

Hire a senior developer for your organization from us. You can count on hiring and payroll from us.

Team augmentation

An augmented team is an internal team that has been strengthened by the addition of specialized personnel from outside the company.

IT outsourcing

We can integrate our workflow to your existing team's workflow. Managed services provider. Reduce risk hiring people yourself.

Dedicated teams

A common partnership model in software development for remote client collaboration is a dedicated development team. For both existing businesses and developing startups.

Software Development

We build projects from scratch and solve production problems. We aim to continuously do better more reliable software while leveraging agile methodologies.

RPA automation

Beat the talent shortages with intelligent automation that creates value for your business.


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Graphic Design
Website Design


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Our Amazing Team

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Parveen Anand

Lead Designer


Diana Petersen

Lead Marketer


Larry Parker

Lead Developer

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What our clients say about us:

We value feedback from our clients.

picture of our client Kalle

Kalle Korhonen

Chief Product Officer at Quuppa

"They did a good job participating in developing our new cloud-based offering, implemented in Clojure."

picture of our client Lars

Lars Rune Nøstdal

Director of Quantoga Ltd.

"They did a great job improving our Clojure, ClojureScript, Systemd, Journald and GNU/Linux logging infrastructure. Can recommend!"

picture of our client Rolandas

Rolandas Butkevičius

Director of Laiptų studija, UAB

Our company highly benefits from the accounting software they integrated into our work.


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